This blog attempts to share the assential of English Language to meet the needs of pupil in the Secondary School and to whom English is a foreign tongue. While I agree that learning the knowledge of English here is not the highroad to good speaking and writing, it must be acknowledged that English Proficiency is an important element in speaking and writing correctly. Pupils as well teachers should find this blog of some assistence, and those who wish to conduct a more extensive study of English Proficiency, will find it useful as a starting-point.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Essay Writing Competition

In conjunction of Malaysia Day September 16 2011, a writing competition will be held throughout school, district and state level.

For those who are interested to participate in the competition please refer to Pn Hjh Norizan for further information.

Essay Title :

1. The aspects of Human Values determine the destination of One’s Life.

2. Good Thinking is inspired by Good Values that one practices on a Daily Basis.

3. By practicing Human Values, we become better in every aspects of life.

Winner will represent the school to district level with great prizes. Good Luck!!