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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Heir Conditioning

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Tone and Mood
This poem interestingly conveys two tones and moods. In the first stanza, the tone is curiosity where the grandchild inquisitively seeks answers to his questions. In the second stanza, the tone and mood is more serious. Here the poet uses this tone and mood because he wants to show the impact of Man’s actions on the environment as a result of using modern inventions.

Structure and Style
The poet uses a free verse style of writing. The poem is written in two stanzas. There are 9 lines in Stanza 1 and Stanza 2 has 10 lines. The poet does not use any rhyming words or couplets. Generally, the poet has employed a light and easy conventional style in writing Heir Conditioning.
In Stanza 1, the poet uses many questions to portray a child’s inquisitiveness about his surroundings. In stanza 2, the responses given by his grandfather cast gravity and imply the seriousness of modern inventions to the environment.