This blog attempts to share the assential of English Language to meet the needs of pupil in the Secondary School and to whom English is a foreign tongue. While I agree that learning the knowledge of English here is not the highroad to good speaking and writing, it must be acknowledged that English Proficiency is an important element in speaking and writing correctly. Pupils as well teachers should find this blog of some assistence, and those who wish to conduct a more extensive study of English Proficiency, will find it useful as a starting-point.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The New KBSM Literature Component 2010

Lower Secondary: Form 1 to Form 3

1. I Wonder – Jeannie Kirby
2. The River – Valerie Bloom
3. Mr. Nobody – Unknown author
4. Heir Conditioning – M SHANmughalingam
5. A Fighter’s Lines – Marzuki Ali
6. Leisure – William Henry Davies

Short Stories
1. Flipping Fantastic – Jane Langford
2. One Is One and All Alone – Nicholas Fisk

* Rumplelstiltskin – Angela Lanyon

Upper Secondary: Form 4 to Form 5

1. In the Midst of Hardship – Latiff Mohidin
2. He Had Such Quiet Eyes – Bibsy Soenharjo
3. Nature – H.D. Carberry
4. Are You Still Playing Your Flute – Zurinah Hassan

Short Stories
1. QWERTYUIOP – Vivien Alcock
2. The Fruitcake Special – Frank Berman

* Gulp and Gasp – John Townsend